A few simple ways to help make house moving a little less stressful

Can stress free moving really happen

By Shelby Powell

Moving house is often quoted as being in the top 5 most stressful life events. While we can’t help with the stress of packing and logistics of what needs moving, we can point you in the right direction to the things you can do to make selling or moving a little easier:-

(1)   Give your conveyancer full information as soon as possible.  Admittedly, it sounds like common sense, but it is surprising the number of home movers who forget to tell their conveyancer information which is vital to ensure a smooth transaction. For example, if you are being helped financially with your purchase, your Conveyancer will need to know about any gifted deposits so they can prepare additional paperwork for approval by your lender as well as complete ID checks on the giftors – all of which takes time. The sooner you can provide key information to your conveyancer, the less chance of there being unnecessary delay.

(2)   Respond to communications promptly. While no-one can control the speed of third parties, you can help your conveyancer by replying to requests for information and supply documents promptly. It is always appreciated by your conveyancer when a client asks whether there is anything they personally can do to help keep things on track during the transaction. 

(3)   Use a locally based conveyancer. In tough economic times the temptation to use an online conveyancing firm rather than using a local conveyancer to save a few pounds has never been greater. In truth we don't do cut-price conveyancing because our experience is that this often means cut-price service and we don't cut corners with the service we provide to you. We believe, however, that for the prompt personal attention you and your matter will receive, you won't find better value.

The key benefits of using Christopher Davidson Solicitors LLP as a local conveyancer is that you’ll have one property lawyer who will have exclusive responsibility for your file from the start of the transaction to its conclusion. He or she can give you individual attention and you will be able to contact them when you want or call into our office in person. If they aren't available, they will call you back. At Christopher Davidson Solicitors LLP, our property lawyers have many years' experience dealing with a wide range of property matters. There will be few situations likely to arise which they haven't dealt with before and they can minimise any problems that might occur. If you are buying or selling in Gloucestershire, their local knowledge may mean they have inside information ensuring that you always have the best possible advice.

To find out more about how Christopher Davidson Solicitors LLP can help you with Conveyancing Services please call us on 01242 581481 or email