Commercial Insolvency

Commercial Insolvency Solicitors in Cheltenham

Individual and corporate insolvency is regrettably an all too common occurrence, particularly in the current financial climate. At Christopher Davidson we are experienced in advising and assisting all who become involved in insolvency issues including company directors; insolvent individuals; liquidators, trustees in bankruptcy and other office holders; and creditors. We provide prompt, practical assistance on a range of insolvency issues including:-

  • Realisation of assets
  • Investigating and pursuing claims on behalf of liquidators, trustees in bankruptcy and other office holders
  • Defending such claims on behalf of directors and individuals
  • Advising directors on the best course to take when insolvency is contemplated
  • Advising creditors, for example with regard to security over assets, retention of title or pursuing disqualified directors for personal liability
  • Obtaining annulments for individuals made bankrupt who could have avoided it
  • Defending claims against family assets

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