Employment Law for Individuals

Employment Law Solicitors for Individuals in Cheltenham

Have you been made redundant, unfairly dismissed, discriminated against or forced out by your employer?  Are you contemplating taking your employer to a Tribunal?

Perhaps you have been offered a Settlement Agreement and need a solicitor to advise you on the agreement.  Or maybe you wish to negotiate a better exit package?   

Have you been offered a new job and need a review of the contract or service agreement your new employer has provided?

Alternatively, have you been offered a new job with a new employer but need advice on the enforceability of post termination restrictions in your existing contract?

It is crucial to know your rights and understand how to enforce them.  We can advise and explain, in plain English, what your rights are and how you can use them to your advantage. We specialise in giving sensible, timely, practical advice when you need it to help you choose the best course of action.

Our Employment Law department can provide practical advice on all Employment Law issues including:

  • Advice on Settlement Agreements (previously known as compromise agreements)

  • Negotiating better exit packages if you have been made redundant, been dismissed or asked to leave

  • Reviewing contracts of employment/Director’s Service Agreements

  • Advice on enforceability of restrictive covenants

  • Advice to employees faced with Internal procedures including disciplinary and grievances, absence and performance management

  • Advice on all aspects of Employment Tribunals

  • Advice on bonus disputes or other contract breaches

We can offer you a one-off fixed fee for many of these services or alternatively act on an hourly rate basis. 

Contact a member of our Employment Law team now for further information.